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 本日、Will Lab代表の小安美和さんが釜石市の地方創生アドバイザーに就任しました。小安さんは、“子育てしながら働きやすい世の中を、共に創る。”という理念の下、「妊娠・出産で辞めなくてすむ」「育児と仕事の両立によるストレスを減らす」「無理なく始められる仕事をつくる」という3つのアジェンダを社会と共有する「iction! FORUM 2016」の事務局長を務めていらっしゃいました。



iction! FORUM 2016


 Today, Miwa Koyasu-san (a representative of Will Lab.) became the regional revitalization advisor of Kamaishi City. Koyasu-san served as the secretary-general of “iction! FORUM 2016” in Tokyo March 2016, which gave us opportunities to share and discuss the following agendas:

 -Quitting work after pregnancy/childbirth.

 -Releasing the stress of work and childcare.

 -Creating new jobs for mothers.

 In his opening statement of August 3 2016, Prime Minister Abe said The greatest challenge within this will be reforming the working style we have in Japan. With Koyasu-san, we will develop leading projects, including introduce flexible working, according to the Kamaishi Resilient Strategy.



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