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 Last week, we hold “the Kamaishi Compass” which is carrier design program for high school students at Kamaishi Commercial & Technical High School for the first time. Our program provided 10 classes configured with various real stories of leaders in Kamaishi to 100 2nd grades, and I done the facilitator of “Leading Organizations and Future of Marine Product Processing Industry” Class with the president Sato-san (Kamaishi Hikari Foods Co, Ltd.).

 I hope our high school students in Kamaishi will go through their full lives by self-determination, even though it’s so difficult to make an “own” life. We can easily say “Find what you like, and Study hard with your goals”, but how many adults do really practice what they say? A dialog to student is dialog to myself, and a message moving others just comes from his/her faith.

 The most important thing which invites various talented people is not a subsidy but a faith in the city. We’d like to develop our programs (managed by UBS, RCF and Kamaishi City Hall) for further opportunities of making own lives with civil supporters. 

Joint Declaration Promoting the Creation of an "Open City" -Developing a Sustainable Local Community Committed to Diversity & Inclusion- (June 24, 2016):http://goo.gl/mWIUhy